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Create a natural medicine cabinet using herbs for health and healing. These easy-to-use herbal remedies treat many illnesses and ailments.

When you are ill or in pain, do you wish you knew natural ways to make yourself better?

You don’t want to rely on pharmaceutical drugs all the time. Medical costs are rocketing, so it’s no wonder there’s a growing movement to find alternative treatments.

Are you ready to take control of your own health and heal yourself naturally using herbs you can grow at home or buy in the store?

Our Master Herbalist certification online course empowers you to use herbs for health and healing to:

  • naturally treat persistent or chronic illnesses including PMS, arthritis, migraines, and depression
  • treat the underlying cause of many mental and physical illnesses
  • restore the body’s natural balance
  • improve your general well-being
  • boost the immune function before an illness occurs

The course shows herbs found in many kitchens which can be used to treat ailments. You’ll also be able to grow your own sweet-scented medicines such as lavender, chamomile and violets. Know which weeds found in many backyards, including nettles and dandelions, have healing properties. You’ll see plants in a new and positive light.

Herbal remedies have been used for many thousands of years. Now you can rekindle a closeness with nature and tap in to the ancient wisdom of using plants as medicine. Study our Master Herbalist certification online course to discover natural treatments that are easy to take and easy to make at home.


Celebrate the natural world around us by returning to traditional methods of healing your mind and body. Studying Master Herbalist certification online enables you to:

  • See which plants and herbs are used to treat different illnesses and know how to use them
  • Find remedies for using herbs for health and healing many physical and mental disorders and health complaints
  • Create a handy natural medicine cabinet that’s easily at hand for when you feel ill
  • Grow and make your own natural treatments effortlessly and cheaply at home
  • Know the best ways to store and keep herbs in good condition
  • Know where to find herbs and plants that grow naturally
  • Know which natural remedies to use for everyday ailments as well as chronic or persistent illnesses such as headaches, PMS or skin complaints
  • Be able to easily and quickly create natural medicines to treat the mind and body
  • Use safe and natural treatments for children and babies

Herbs for health and healing need to be correctly administered because some herbs should not be eaten or drunk but used topically, for example. Our Master Herbalist certification online course shows which herb treatments to use for different health conditions and how to apply them.

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