E-Learning In The New Normal

Distant learning a new normal in education

From NST

LETTERS: According to UNESCO’s observation as of 10th April 2020, 91.3 per cent of the world’s student population (1.6 billion children and youth) has been hit by school closures in 188 countries.

In Malaysia, school closures have affected 8 million students nationwide.

Therefore, this is the time when digital preparedness comes in crucial to support the students in terms of obtaining education. Education institutions have responded by holding online classes to ensure continuous learning.

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E-learning as a mechanism of social distancing

From The Star

AS the Covid-19 outbreak grows and the number of cases in the population increases, community mitigation activities such as social distancing are warranted.

Social distancing is an infection control measure to reduce transmission from infected people to susceptible individuals by increasing the physical distance between people or reducing the frequency of congregation in socially dense community settings, such as schools, universities or workplaces.


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