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Have a flair for styling? Learn how to improve people’s appearances by investing in the right clothes

Do you instinctively know what to wear? The right colors, patterns and shapes? Have a passion for fashion?

You sound like the ideal person to stop others making epic fashion fails. With you by their side as a fashion store assistant or personal shopper, they’ll always invest in clothes which make them look amazing. And you get to shop all day with other people’s money!!

It’s becoming more and more popular for people who don’t have the time or a natural flair with styling to consult an expert to help with:

  • An image makeover

  • Wardrobe transformation

  • Outfits for particular occasions from a job interview to a wedding

Many shops now employ a specifically.trained personal shopper to help make shopping more effective and also to improve the shopping experience for customers.


During this course, you’ll learn all the technical, creative and personal skills you need to help clients make the most of their appearance and be a style guru.

You’ll get an in-depth knowledge of the history of fashion and discover where familiar trends started. We’ll tell you about the influential designers that shape the world of fashion and how to keep up with the most recent changes. Having this strong foundation in the development of fashion really helps identify how to suit particular styles to individual clients. You’ll also learn the science of sales and building long-term relationships with clients to keep them coming back for more!

You’ll also learn:

  • To help your client to develop a positive self-image.

  • To assess all body shapes, use fashion to streamline outlines to achieve flattering proportions and identify what to avoid.

  • The full range of colour tones in skin, hair and eyes and how to enhance each to achieve amazing effects.

  • How to advise on personal grooming, skin and hair care.

  • The consumer decision process

  • Seducing customers with excellent customer service

  • Building long-term relationships with customers

  • Dealing with pressurised and challenging situations

  • How to upsell and cross-sell effectively to boost sales.

  • Specific selling strategies that connect directly with customers.

With your great fashion sense and sales techniques, every store’s going to want you to work with them.

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